Self Esteem

YYOL® is about empowering children of all ages with a program for discovering and increasing self esteem. Childrens self esteem is critical to the growth and maturity of every child in the world.

Self Esteem and Physical Activity

By BlackBeltDreamer -- Self-esteem and physical activity go hand in hand. Our physiology and state of mind affect each other on an on-going basis. Physical activity is a very important part of developing higher self-esteem. It gives you a sense of control in your life and generates good hormones that help you develop your mental immune system as well. One of the most intense experiences in my life was doing an actual fire walk. This is a good... more

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Are You Empowering Or Disempowering Your Kids?

By Rita Offen -- Personal power is the self-belief and confidence to know that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. It means you feel good about yourself, and that you do not rely upon others' opinions to feel good about yourself. Such a strength is something we all want our children to have. Our children are indeed born with such qualities. They believe they can do anything, and won't give up until they do, or... more

Self Esteem

By Tricia M. Smith -- Positive self-esteem is essential to children's ability to function at their best. Their sense of themselves begins very early, based on the way they are treated in their formative years. A child can only develop high self-esteem by being nurtured in an environment where there's empathy, concern, and reinforcement. Helping them develop high self-esteem is one of the biggest challenges facing parents. All too often, the primary method of teaching and guiding children is through... more

Building Your Self Esteem and Confidence

By Julie Plenty -- When it comes to building self esteem and confidence, don't think self improvement, think self development. What's the difference? If you regard personal development as improvement, it suggests that something in you needs to be "fixed". Each improvement then leads to the need for more improvements and you'll be stuck in a cyclical loop of personal improvements that never seem good enough. So start with your existing strengths, skills, talents and gifts and... more